Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Don't Call It A Comeback: Mr. Duke Blog Comeback

It’s been almost 2 years since I made the full time move over to stobblog.com. While I’ll still contribute to stobblog.com, I’m back to being Mr. Duke.

Not sure how different Mr. Duke will be from the first run, but I can tell you what my plan is this time around.

First, don’t read this blog is you’re looking for breaking news on the sleezy recruiting battles of college basketball. Don’t read this blog if you want to read about what Jabari Parker ate for lunch, and other breaking news. Don’t read this blog really if you are looking for breaking news of any type. “News” in any form may come at a premium here. I’ll comment, analyze and force my opinions on you from the news, sure, but breaking it or reporting it isn’t my job. There are plenty of other outlets for that, but only one Mr. Duke (blog…I suppose there are other Mr.Duke’s out there).

90% of the time I won’t even be watching the Duke games I write about live, I have a kid now. Even prior to having a kid, I realized that my time was valuable, and wasting my time watching commercials is stupid. I can just watch the game when I want to, minus commercials. You’ll get your game analysis from me, just maybe not as quick as some other outlets, don’t worry though, mine will be better. You’ll think it’s worth the wait, and really don’t we all need to slow down?

Second, if you think the only thing Mr. Duke talks about is Duke, you’re wrong. I’ll maybe touch on everything from NBA, NHL, MLB, Egypt, Sacramento, beer, Tuscaloosa, politics and even why you should try the pizza at this place I may write about some time. The overall theme will be Duke, don’t fear, but I also don’t want you to be shocked when Duke isn’t mentioned in a post.

Third, new color scheme starting now, you may have noticed, things are a bit black and white around here. As is the picture on this post. It may not work, and may be dropped quickly...but if it works, I think it could be pretty cool. Does it make sense with a Duke blue team that I lean towards? No.

Finally, Mrs. Duke and little Duke Jr. will be referred to here at times. Mrs. Duke is my beautiful wife of now 5 years, she is the best. Duke Jr. is all of 9 weeks old as of writing this and is now the focus of everything I do in my life. If you’re wondering why there hasn’t been a post in a week or two on Mr. Duke, I’m probably busy with these two much bigger parts of my life. I’ll be back though.

Speaking of being back, it’s good to be. Give me a read, we’ll get to business very soon and follow me on Twitter:


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